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This Is It our new for  2010/11 .............. 9'0",LW5/6  im12  fast action 46t, 4sec  weight 96gm Colour  Matt Olive

comes with spare tip in a tough cordura covered case complete with rugged zip closure and handy carry strap.

Manufactured from the latest super-graphite integration of extra high module T-46 carbon IM12 grade, which allows smaller diameter blanks with a superb progressive Fast action. The blend of high modulus graphite fibres creates a perfectly balanced lightweight blank that is more sensitive than anything available on the market today. Lightweight with a delightful crisp, fast action, these rods make distance casting easy, whilst maintaining tremendous 'fish ability' throughout a wide range of fly line densities. Utilising only the best components and materials has produced a rod range that will appeal to the most demanding .
When you’re out dawn till dusk You'll need a rod that will punch a sinking line or saltwater fly far out into the wind and Later it must present a buzzer, emerger or dry fly with feel and delicacy. You're looking for lightness without frailty, power with sensitivity.
The construction of high-modulus carbon fibre, the advanced performance taper, the ultra-slim blanks and the lightning tip recover combine to give you distance, accuracy, improved presentation and instant feel.

ALL rod feature a Olive matt no glare, scare, matt finish, with no rod flash while casting, and less chance of spooking fish An essential feature when fishing in our Tasmanian waters.

rod come   in a tough cordura covered case complete with rugged zip closure and handy carry strap.
Test drive our rods anywhere, anytime with our 7-day money back guaranty trial program that lets you try the rods at home or on the water!
Don't let the price fool you, they out perform and compare with rods costing 100% More
ORIGINAL OWNER LIFETIME WARRANTY Rod & Fly is offering a spare parts program for your R&F See details

I've had a brief chance to cast this rod, only over grass.I'm no "gun" or casting instructor, but here's what I thought, FWIW.I tried it with a very old and abused Teeny LaFontaine 5wt, and a Rio Grande 5wt (like a 5 1/2wt).

My comparison rod was my trusty Redington CPS 5wt.

With both lines, the R&F felt a line-weight lighter. I was amazed at the low "swing weight" of the rod. Yes, it feels stiff, but no more than the CPS or any fast action rod.

It has great recovery and no tip-bounce. It throws a very neat loop. I can get a full line out, with both lines, almost every cast on this rod, but only 70% of the time on the CPS. I get the feeling that, in close, the rod is more accurate than me. Obviously, the Rio Grande was better in close, the Teeny at distance

I like the dull green colour too. It's different. Time on the water would tell a lot more about the fishability of this rod. Anyone wanna buy a CPS 5wt? 

There's a medium action IM10 as well, which is a smooooth rod! Great for slow streams, dry fly, beginners and old codgers.

That's it. Some brand-snobs might thumb their noses because it doesn't have some rare timber in the reel seat and a metal tube, but you don't actually fish with those bits. Like all the R&F gear, it's great value.
Brad Harris
FlyLife staff photographer.
Thu Apr 08, 2010


Rod & Fly IM12 fly rod – 9' 5-weight
David Anderson expands his collection of 'value' rods.

stalker aire
It was hard not to get a little excited when Mike from Rod & Fly asked me to do a review of a new rod model, because his 6'6" #3 (FlyLife #51) changed the way I think about cheap rods. Thanks to Mike, it seems that my rod snobbery, like brown coal, is getting harder to justify every day, though of course I will keep trying.

The new model is the #5 9-ft IM12 and according to the Rod & Fly website the rod is ‘manufactured from the latest super-graphite integration of extra high modulus T-46 carbon IM12 grade.’

To be honest, I have no idea what that means, though the rod, when matched with a WF GPX #5 line, certainly casts well enough to rate a mention here, and has, in my opinion, lifted the bar again in terms of value for money in the sub- $500 class.

The website describes the action as ‘fast & progressive.’ but I would call it more medium-fast or maybe ‘fastish’ and found that casting at normal fishing distances of 30–70 feet the rod is just plain awesome.

Very long casts were another story though, and I found it a little hard to cast a full 90+ foot line. At those distances the rod feels a little light and lacks the last degree of grunt in the butt to hold up a really long line. The trade-off for the ultra thin blank and light weight perhaps? That said, unless I was going to a casterbation competition or fishing salt water in the wind, I would rather have more accuracy and feel in a 5-weight than just distance, and rods that do both with any talent tend to cost a LOT more money.

On the water in our local once-great trout stream now reduced to a carp infested quagmire, the rod performed brilliantly and it was instantly easy to make the subtle and accurate casts required to fool the not so foolish ferals. I also feel certain that come next summer, if the trout ever return, it will be a fine rod for throwing hoppers at them.

This rod comes finished in MASH matt green with green wraps and has a nice chunky grip that feels good in the hand. At $305 including rod tube and warranty the IM12 is a real bargain, that, like its 6'6" #3 sibling, can easily be compared to rods costing much more. Available from




































Product Code: 9M43

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